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Báo "The Mount Kenya Times" của Cộng hòa Kenya

Báo "The Mount Kenya Times" của Cộng hòa Kenya





Báo "The Mount Kenya Times" có trụ sở tại Cộng hòa Kenya vừa đăng hai bài thơ của tôi "Linh hồn đã bay..." và "Đỉnh gió". Mt Kenya Times là báo in và báo mạng từ góc nhìn thống nhất về Châu Phi và thế giới.








A spider’s hammock being torn by the lifting fog

Returns freedom to the soft tongues of grass


The drifting clouds rub out

A horizon that has just buried darkness


Blood resurrected within the ground

Turns into young sap welling up at each falling leaf


While long-suffering shadows remain silent

The thrush bursts out a firework of calls


Buds are shooting up dividing walls

As arteries of streams clear and circulate


Tongues made of glass break into voices

To discuss each discolored photo


The words in a notebook having dreamed of fire

Just before they become ashes, suddenly come to


When moving out, one has tossed the incense sticks’ leftovers into the river

So one wonders why fragrant smoke still lingers…


(Trans. by Nhat-Lang Le. Edited by Susan Blanshard)








Crawling on sharp tops of the rock

Body of wind scratches


Blood of wind is rain

Sunshine drips down


Mountains roll the kiss up high

Gray clouds cast into black


Mountains open wide their arms, trampling feet into ground

Crushing into fragments

Tears the body of wind into pieces

The starlight falling

Morning bursting out


Up to the top of slope in a flash

Open eyes look down


The kisses heaped higher

The frenzied wind rolls up on another crest.





Finding your mouth to sow

Wind clinging to tender limbs of land

Plunge down to the abyss


Rot the bowels of hills and mountains

Chest of wind drifting

Playing on the ground


The shell cracked flash

Spring overflows the grain mouth


Waiting to sprout the cotyledons

Wind will carry the ground away.





Shut tight the door the more wind blows

Things suddenly remembered, tighten in my chest


The eye of wind swept me into you

Turning quickly round and round


Swiftly passing a bridge

My body was bent by the wind

Hung like a wet towel across the railing

Dripping down into a swift-flowing river.


Remembering how the train cuts through a body of wind

Columns of smoke overturn and siren sounds disappear in an instant


My breath is constrained through the trumpet-reed

The pressure like an eagle wings spreading wide

Raising fragile dragonfly wings

Cavalier on the wind’s crest


Outside the vault of leaf disorder

Torn to satisfy the frenzied excitement

This inhibition of lust.


(Translated from Vietnamese by Trần Nghi Hoàng. Edited by Frederick Turner)










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